Supplier of Red and Green LED Underground Pavement Light in UAE

Red and Green LED Underground Pavement Light


  • Pedestrian  lights hanging above across the side of the road. People need to raising their hands to seeing the pedestrian lights shows which color, red or green. Most of people can’t get accurate display information when large vehicles passing the road or during the rush hours cause the heights difference.
  • Smart phone zombies is increasing.
  • Bad weather such as dense fog, heavy raining, cold and snowing etc;
  • At the same time, it can also provide alerting for drivers at night to slow down the car in advance.
  • It is more convenient to know the traffic lights signal and let pedestrians passing the road safely.

With the development of social economy and the migration of population to cities, cars have gradually entered thousands of households, and the number of homes with cars has increased. With the popularity of smartphones and abundant mobile app platforms, more and more people like to be in any time, any place to play mobile phones, mobile phones “phubbers” shows everywhere.

As a result, the phenomenon of traffic accidents between pedestrians and vehicles on the zebra crossing has become more frequent. The existing pedestrian traffic lights on the poles have very limited functions and are no longer suitable for the moment.

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